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Worldwide Trivia

Chris Hines, former Islamabad CLO is working with Walsh Trivia to do a Post vs. Post World Wide Trivia!

He suggests no more than 10 people on a team, if you have more, consider breaking into two teams. Submit the email address for the team captain who will submit answers on game day. The captain will receive the links for the Google form and Zoom meeting approximately 15 minutes before game time. If forming teams - please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Only one person from each team should sign up. Each game is limited to 40 teams maximum. If you have questions or need to update your entry contact Chris Hines as

Cost is $3 for Team captain and $2 for each additional player, payable by Venmo or Paypal.

Times are: 12:00 PM GMT and 18:00 GMT every Saturday.

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